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Welcome to Court Marriage Noida If you are looking for someone to help you with the lengthy process of court marriage, then you have come to the right place. We have been helping couple register their marriage in court as well as getting married via Arya Samaj process. It really doesn't matter on which religion you are, we facilitate all kinds of marriage including court marriage (Love Marriages, Hindu Court Marriages, Arya Samaj Court Marriages and many other types of court marriages) etc. We have been helping the needful to get married with no hassle as these moments need to be cherished throughout the life.

Getting married is the most remembering moments in everyone life and we have been helping the Bride and Groom get into the holy matrimony at low cost and without hassles.

We give free lawful help to poor and destitute individuals of our general public.

Court Marriage is a typical methodology, which must be trailed by everybody.


1-Application form in the set format.
2-Passport Size Photographs of Marrying Persons.
3-Residential Proof of Marrying Persons.
4-Date of Birth Proof of Marrying Persons.
5-Residential Proof and PAN Card of Three Witnesses.
6-Death certificate or divorce judgement whichever is applicable, in case one of the parties had any marriages in the past.

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We offer Court marriage Noida for all marriages where we give the couple excellent suggestions regarding the marriage.


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Making all the arrangements for your beautiful wedding ceremony is enough. Your marriage won't be legal unless you get it registered.